Levi's / International Art Expo / eBay / Youth Arts


kf!g was retained to launch International Art Expo (IAE), the largest art exhibit in the world, in San Francisco rather than in New York. To establish this new venue, we created a multichannel marketing program.

Product Launch

To maximize press exposure, create community credibility, generate customer acquisition and media for the show, kf!g arranged for Levi’s and eBay to partner with IAE to raise money for the national charity, Youth Arts. We proposed to our partners that we would have famous artists from around the world paint Levi’s jean jackets, that during the show, would be auctioned off on eBay to raise money for Youth Arts. To market this, we created the FIRST “live auction” on eBay working with eBay staff and over 100 international artist painted Levi’s jackets. kf!g staff created each auction page and worked with eBay to implement the “live auction” as eBay had never done this before. For story telling, kf!g targeted art, technology, fashion and lifestyle sections of print and TV, but we wanted more.

It was then that we approached Levi’s to do an exhibit of the jackets prior to the Expo so that the public would have a chance to view them. As a win-win for IAE,Youth Arts, Levi’s, eBay and the artists, the jackets were displayed in the windows of Levi’s flagship store on Union Square in San Francisco.

We arranged for 10 of the artists to teach art in different schools around San Francisco. This also created a tremendous amount of press and drove audience attendance.

On the day IAE opened, kf!g had press arrive to paint with children, photograph the exhibit, interview artists, etc. The program and auction were such a major success, Levi’s asked if they could have the exhibit at their corporate headquarters. The following year Levi’s launched their own jacket painting contest and eBay incorporated “live auctions” into their product service. So once again… kf!g’s innovations made history.