Autodesk and Deep Flight Aviator

Deep Flight Aviator / Autodesk Program

kf!g was retained by Autodesk and Deep Flight Aviator to launch the first two-person submarine.

Product Launch

kf!g created compelling story lines, a unique event and a visually creative product launch which resulted in spectacular international media coverage.

As the first two-person submarine to fly like a jet underwater, kf!g developed story lines around new modes of transportation, ecology, technology and science. All of these stories were developed to attract the press to this JulesVerne like vessel that could dive 1,500 feet, reach speeds of up to eight knots and barrel-roll with the grace of a dolphin. Even our invitation to the event was the drawing of the Deep Flight Aviator, doodled on a napkin by legendary submersible craft engineer and inventor, Graham Hawkes. deep flight

kf!g posed that, in the future, will we fly by air or by sea? We suggested that this submarine could be the next green mode of transportation as it burns clean and that this may be the “sports car” of the open seas.We conveyed to the marine scientific community that the Aviator’s unique design will enable economical, long-range search and survey work for ocean science and exploration.

kf!g staged the event at a San Francisco pier with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. Press from DiscoveryTV to FujiTV, from National Geographic to the London Times, BBC to ABC’s Good Morning America covered the event. kf!g created solid media “whys for the buys” in story telling and event production, leaving the press wanting more!

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