Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon

Hair is basically brown, black, red, blonde, long, or short. For Vidal Sassoon to continue to be in the forefront of the public demand, kf!g created strategic marketing and customer acquisition campaigns. For twenty years we developed innovative programs that drove business. In addition, during this body of work, kf!g served as consultants to the Vidal Sassoon management team on two revisions of the corporate identity and the repositioning and design of the new product line.


How did we maintain a twenty-year client? By creating hundreds of successful programs for VS that drove customer acquisition from the first “ambush make-over” to the first celebrity stories of “getting ready for the Oscars.” The following is an example of one program:

The Vidal Sassoon brand was stagnating and losing its luster. Our job was to refresh the brand as part of the “Now Generation.” To that end we approached MGM to secure a partnership for their launch of Legally Blonde. In keeping with the playfulness of the movie, we worked with MGM to establish “National Blonde Day” to coincide with their launch date.

We created artwork and content for the National Blonde Day website. To “Stand Up to Blonde Oppression,” we had Vidal Sassoon

vidalSalons took people blonde that day, for free. We then established partnerships to promote national platforms and increase visibility in 12 major markets. We initiated a media campaign, which resulted in significant international media.The result… kf!g increased business for the Vidal Sassoon Salons by 11% over a three-month campaign. Our campaign was highly successful and we did a repeat performance with MGM for Legally Blonde 2.

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