BioArts International Program

kf!g was retained to launch Bio Arts International, the first commercial dog cloning company in the world.

Product Launch

Beginning with their first auction, kf!g created a media
strategy for their auction of 5 dog cloning slots. As this
was an unusual auction, kf!g developed a unique program
for global coverage. In this we promoted both the technology and the founder of BioArts.

We alerted the public to the opportunity to clone one’s dog
for the beginning auction price of $150,000 and announced the auction date. By the time the auction concluded, press coverage caused all cloning slots to sell.

Continuing the press frenzy we then facilitated BioArts management’s
concept to offer one more slot for those who could not afford the auction entry level bidding price. The person who wrote the most
“clone worthy” essay, explaining why their dog deserved to be
cloned, would win a free cloning service of their beloved dog.

Although many of the entries were noteworthy, it was Trakr who
stole the judge’s hearts and won the contest. Trakr, a German
Shepherd police dog, along with Canadian police officer
James Symington, rushed to the scene of the 9/11
attacks on the day the Twin Towers collapsed.

Trakr, days later, discovered the last survivor under 30 feet of
rubble. For his accomplishments,Trakr was named one of history’s most heroic animals.

Bio Arts International had a landslide of press from CNN to ABC, CBS to Herald Tribune to People Magazine. Through kf!g’s innovation and client dedication, again we helped our client make history.

Result: Globally over one billion impressions

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