Isha Foundation Program

Recommended by Heidi Roizen, kf!g was retained by India’s prestigious Isha Foundation and it’s spiritual founder, Sadhguru. It was our objective to heighten global awareness of their respected work in the environment, education, humanitarian efforts and Sadhguru’s thought and spiritual leader accomplishments. A several tiered media plan was then created, agreed upon and implemented.56mk+oliver s

Launching Isha Foundation’s online program, kf!g chose Google as the right place to be. Contacting Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, a meeting was arranged for Sadhguru to meet with 13 executive vice- presidents representing Google efforts in education and environmental programs around the world. This resulted in Google’s first-ever launch of an online spiritual program for their employees.

Introducing Sadhguru to Ed Begley, Jr. (“Mr. Green”) and Matt Peterson of Global Green was just the beginning of establishing him as a leader in reforestation. This culminated with Sadhguru speaking at TED India and winning the Indira Ghandi Award for planting over 14 million trees.We created press from the London Times to the NewYorkTimes.

Find out more: http://www.ishafoundation.org/us/