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Want results? We’ve got them!!! A few of our many case studies follow

BioArts International Program

kf!g was retained to launch Bio Arts International, the first commercial dog cloning company in the world.

Product Launch

Beginning with their first auction, kf!g created a media
strategy for their auction of 5 dog cloning slots. As this
was an unusual auction, kf!g developed a unique program
for global coverage. In this we promoted both the technology and the founder of BioArts.

We alerted the public to the opportunity to clone one’s dog
for the beginning auction price of $150,000 and announced the auction date. By the time the auction concluded, press coverage caused all cloning slots to sell.

Continuing the press frenzy we then facilitated BioArts management’s
concept to offer one more slot for those who could not afford the auction entry level bidding price. The person who wrote the most
“clone worthy” essay, explaining why their dog deserved to be
cloned, would win a free cloning service of their beloved dog.

Although many of the entries were noteworthy, it was Trakr who
stole the judge’s hearts and won the contest. Trakr, a German
Shepherd police dog, along with Canadian police officer
James Symington, rushed to the scene of the 9/11
attacks on the day the Twin Towers collapsed.

Trakr, days later, discovered the last survivor under 30 feet of
rubble. For his accomplishments,Trakr was named one of history’s most heroic animals.

Bio Arts International had a landslide of press from CNN to ABC, CBS to Herald Tribune to People Magazine. Through kf!g’s innovation and client dedication, again we helped our client make history.

Result: Globally over one billion impressions

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Isha Foundation Program

Recommended by Heidi Roizen, kf!g was retained by India’s prestigious Isha Foundation and it’s spiritual founder, Sadhguru. It was our objective to heighten global awareness of their respected work in the environment, education, humanitarian efforts and Sadhguru’s thought and spiritual leader accomplishments. A several tiered media plan was then created, agreed upon and implemented.56mk+oliver s

Launching Isha Foundation’s online program, kf!g chose Google as the right place to be. Contacting Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, a meeting was arranged for Sadhguru to meet with 13 executive vice- presidents representing Google efforts in education and environmental programs around the world. This resulted in Google’s first-ever launch of an online spiritual program for their employees.

Introducing Sadhguru to Ed Begley, Jr. (“Mr. Green”) and Matt Peterson of Global Green was just the beginning of establishing him as a leader in reforestation. This culminated with Sadhguru speaking at TED India and winning the Indira Ghandi Award for planting over 14 million trees.We created press from the London Times to the NewYorkTimes.

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Moon Express

kf!g positioned Naveen Jain, Chairman of Moon Express (ME) , a Lunar Lander system/company, as a leading contender for the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE. To create massive media attention, we planned a spectacular flight test event to occur on the same day when the final U.S. Space Shuttle “Atlantis” landed. We crafted story ideas to romance the subject of moon exploration, the historic end of one era and the beginning of another in commercial space exploration, the merits of mining the moon for much needed resources, etc.

Through innovative story telling, an overwhelming num-ber of press attended the Moon Express product launch, which resulted in a front page story in the NewYorkTimes, as well as being featured in Bloomberg,TheWall Street Journal, CNET, BBC , Forbes, NBC, Los AngelesTimes, BBC among others.

Heidi Roizen Program

Recommended by an advertising agency to Heidi Roizen, “One of Silicon Valley’s Most Powerful Women” (Forbes Magazine), kf!g was retained to launch her new CD called “Skinny Songs.”

Heidi, provided a wealth of material for kf!g. An acclaimed serial entrepreneur, corporate executive, venture capitalist and faculty member of Stanford University, she is famous for her intuitive understanding of market opportunities. While a student at Stanford in the late 80s she founded T/Maker, which developed the popular image content software ClickArt™.

skinny_jeans_inspirational_music_horizAfter selling her company in 1986, Heidi became Vice-President of World Wide Developer Relations for Apple Computer. Later she served as the Managing Director of Mobius Venture Capital, a technology venture fund with $2 billion under management. She is currently a Venture Partner of the prestigious venture capital firm, Draper, Fisher and Jurvetson(DFJ). In addition she serves on numerous Boards including TIVO.

Besides all of these accomplishments, she loved music. Wanting to lose weight she searched for music to get her “pumped” for exercising. Unable to find this type of music, she decided to develop her own lyrics and tempos to inspire women to have fun exercising. She later produced a CD in Nashville and hired kf!g to launch it.

kf!g developed a strategic program which addressed women, weight loss and the business media. It was our story telling of Heidi’s incredible talent and vision and ultimate weight loss through exercising to her own music, which resulted in high-profile interviews from Kara Swisher’s All Things Digital to Fox Business with Neil Cavuto, Martha Stewart to Oprah Magazine, Bloomberg to the New York Times to CNN Health International…kf!g maximized every media opportunity.

Vidal Sassoon

Hair is basically brown, black, red, blonde, long, or short. For Vidal Sassoon to continue to be in the forefront of the public demand, kf!g created strategic marketing and customer acquisition campaigns. For twenty years we developed innovative programs that drove business. In addition, during this body of work, kf!g served as consultants to the Vidal Sassoon management team on two revisions of the corporate identity and the repositioning and design of the new product line.


How did we maintain a twenty-year client? By creating hundreds of successful programs for VS that drove customer acquisition from the first “ambush make-over” to the first celebrity stories of “getting ready for the Oscars.” The following is an example of one program:

The Vidal Sassoon brand was stagnating and losing its luster. Our job was to refresh the brand as part of the “Now Generation.” To that end we approached MGM to secure a partnership for their launch of Legally Blonde. In keeping with the playfulness of the movie, we worked with MGM to establish “National Blonde Day” to coincide with their launch date.

We created artwork and content for the National Blonde Day website. To “Stand Up to Blonde Oppression,” we had Vidal Sassoon

vidalSalons took people blonde that day, for free. We then established partnerships to promote national platforms and increase visibility in 12 major markets. We initiated a media campaign, which resulted in significant international media.The result… kf!g increased business for the Vidal Sassoon Salons by 11% over a three-month campaign. Our campaign was highly successful and we did a repeat performance with MGM for Legally Blonde 2.

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Deep Flight Aviator / Autodesk Program

kf!g was retained by Autodesk and Deep Flight Aviator to launch the first two-person submarine.

Product Launch

kf!g created compelling story lines, a unique event and a visually creative product launch which resulted in spectacular international media coverage.

As the first two-person submarine to fly like a jet underwater, kf!g developed story lines around new modes of transportation, ecology, technology and science. All of these stories were developed to attract the press to this JulesVerne like vessel that could dive 1,500 feet, reach speeds of up to eight knots and barrel-roll with the grace of a dolphin. Even our invitation to the event was the drawing of the Deep Flight Aviator, doodled on a napkin by legendary submersible craft engineer and inventor, Graham Hawkes. deep flight

kf!g posed that, in the future, will we fly by air or by sea? We suggested that this submarine could be the next green mode of transportation as it burns clean and that this may be the “sports car” of the open seas.We conveyed to the marine scientific community that the Aviator’s unique design will enable economical, long-range search and survey work for ocean science and exploration.

kf!g staged the event at a San Francisco pier with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. Press from DiscoveryTV to FujiTV, from National Geographic to the London Times, BBC to ABC’s Good Morning America covered the event. kf!g created solid media “whys for the buys” in story telling and event production, leaving the press wanting more!

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Ex’pression Center for New Media College Program

Ex’pression hired kf!g to create a strategic reputation development plan to acquire students, attract qualified teachers and guest lecturers. As the Ex’pression Center offered degrees in Sound Arts, Animation & Visual Effects, and Motion Graphic Design, we crafted campaigns under each degree to establish industry recognition and student enrollment. Examples of some programs are below:

SoundArts: We created a series of student-produced con- certs partnering with radio stations for listener appreciation. Offering a student-operated, state-of-the-art sound facility for live concerts, participating artists included Jon Bon Jovi,Train,The Call, Michelle Branch, Chicago, Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker. Partnerships with radio stations and free advertising increased student enrollment and elevated industry interest.

Animation & Visual Effects: Established guest lecturer programs with Pixar, ILM, and LucasFilm to speak at the school. Eventually, some of them became guest teachers. This also opened a doorway for student placement at top studios, driving industry interest and student enrollment.

Motion Graphic Design: Developed and became Mem- ber of the Advisory Board. kf!g created guest lecturer programs with CEOs and COOs of top design firms. Ex’pression partnered with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders cheerleaders, to animate the “Raiderettes” through the Vicon 8 program, which again elevated industry interest and drove student enrollment.

Over a three-year period, we grew Ex’pression from zero to a full capacity of 600 new students a year, at $50,000 a student.

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kf!g was retained to launch International Art Expo (IAE), the largest art exhibit in the world, in San Francisco rather than in New York. To establish this new venue, we created a multichannel marketing program.

Product Launch

To maximize press exposure, create community credibility, generate customer acquisition and media for the show, kf!g arranged for Levi’s and eBay to partner with IAE to raise money for the national charity, Youth Arts. We proposed to our partners that we would have famous artists from around the world paint Levi’s jean jackets, that during the show, would be auctioned off on eBay to raise money for Youth Arts. To market this, we created the FIRST “live auction” on eBay working with eBay staff and over 100 international artist painted Levi’s jackets. kf!g staff created each auction page and worked with eBay to implement the “live auction” as eBay had never done this before. For story telling, kf!g targeted art, technology, fashion and lifestyle sections of print and TV, but we wanted more.

It was then that we approached Levi’s to do an exhibit of the jackets prior to the Expo so that the public would have a chance to view them. As a win-win for IAE,Youth Arts, Levi’s, eBay and the artists, the jackets were displayed in the windows of Levi’s flagship store on Union Square in San Francisco.

We arranged for 10 of the artists to teach art in different schools around San Francisco. This also created a tremendous amount of press and drove audience attendance.

On the day IAE opened, kf!g had press arrive to paint with children, photograph the exhibit, interview artists, etc. The program and auction were such a major success, Levi’s asked if they could have the exhibit at their corporate headquarters. The following year Levi’s launched their own jacket painting contest and eBay incorporated “live auctions” into their product service. So once again… kf!g’s innovations made history.

Groasis Waterboxx Program

Referred by the International Trade Director for the Netherlands, kf!g was asked to create a market for a Dutch green planting invention, the GroasisWaterboxx. govOnce retained by inventor, Pieter Hoff, kf!g’s mission was to create additional international recognition through product launches in three different categories, in the United States. Our task was to create large scale programs in: Government for Reforestation, Agriculture for Planting and Education for Ecology.